In this video I teach beginners how to start out the game with the black pieces against white's most common openings moves.

Played by intermediate players and up to the highest level, this opening sets up a strategic and serious fight of a chess game. d4 Nf62.

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Dynamic Systems of Boris Avrukh GM Company 3 - The English Opening cluttering.

London System for BlackNOT pos. . Below you will find the basic starting positions for the most popular Black chess openings, along with what strategy they bring into the middle game.

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This chess opening is suitable for players of all levels. The Hedgehog. By holding back their central pawns back from the fire early on, White gains the ability to reel.

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Watch the rooms. Move the pawn on c5 diagonally toward your opponent’s pawn on d4 and remove it from the board.

Nov 20, 2019 · 6. c4 is one of the oldest chess openings.

The Two Knights' Tango.
Knight to the King.
For years, the London System has had the reputation of being a passive defense exclusively played by those who did not want to enter into a tactical game.

May 20, 2022 · You can win, draw, and lose with the King’s Indian Defense, making all your games exciting.

French Defense: Best Opening For Black For Beginners.

Is there an opening sequence for black that is equally solid versus d4 and e4? Obviously you have to take into account white's subsequent moves, but the goal would be to have an opening where the first, say five or six or so moves (maybe with variatios in move order as needed), would be solid against most common e4 and d4 openings. Flank openings are any other openings than 1. Tactics Trainer.

It covers everything: rules, strategies, tactics and checkmates. d5. This setup below is part of the b6 system chess opening for Black and is occuring quite often, so you should know how to handle it. e4. Chess Openings for Beginners Everyman Chess. .


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The Mexican Defense.


e5 and ensure his knight is not kicked from f6.

However, nowadays the London is on the rise, with all the top.