Mar 6, 2023 · 1) On the AlfaOBD's "My Car" screen, set Jeep, WK2, Body Computer, and the Control Module for your model year.

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The car shifted smooth until somewhere in Sep/Oct of 2022, then the transmission.

Great info on the clutch pack filling. . I was able to set set the high beam fog light dropout and run the proxy alignment.

If you have a 2018 or newer you will also need a swg adapter.

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It shows it has support for the 2017+MP. .


SGM for the Renegade is located near the steering column support bracket.

Select Car Configuration Change. There has been no major work done to the car, just the usual oil & filter changes.

4 radio. Menu 2: Wheel Alignment CSM.

AlfaOBD official doc says : No additional adapters are needed for (cars with.
I have the full version - got it for my 2016 Dart to do the proximity alignment when I upgraded to the TFT digital dash cluster and activated the turn by turn, the dealer wanted $150 to do just the alignment.

To get to those sections, you would need to click on the.

They often cause issues and will not allow the proxy alignment to complete.

That applys to the enhanced diagnostics within the OBDLink app that comes with the MX+, it just mean you won't have the enhanced diagnostics when using that app. . If you have a 2018 or newer you will also need a swg adapter.

Fawn Creek Township is located in Kansas with a population of 1,618. . Performed a proxy alignment to try and fix the B2204 (the code causing the flashing odometer), but it did not seem to. . Alfa reported the alignment was successful. If this were to work, the last step would be to perform a proxi alignment.

Has anyone used the AlfaOBD software with their MP compass yet? I see people on the Renegade forums using it.

#12,997. When replacing a module in your late model Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Fiat vehicle you may need to perform a proxi alignment.


Enable the following settings: Uconnect 7 Active.



Sep 23, 2021 · I would go back into AlfaOBD and make sure that the change actually took (enabled).