Videocom ZigBee Gateway akıllı ev sistemini yönetmenizi sağlayan mobil uygulamadır.

SmartThings is the app you use to take control of.

create Automations to automate your home. .

Monitor your home or loved ones with easy to install Smart Devices.


. . Then use the APP to add zigbee devices then control them.


Lampen, Leuchten, Zwischensteckern, Dimmern, und Jalousieaktoren. . .

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create Automations to automate your home.


Zigbee Device Control is an Android app and cannot be installed on Windows PC or MAC directly. 1 APK for Android right now.

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Amazon's Alexa is one of the.



Amazon's Alexa is one of the. . .

. . Gewicht. 4 personal-area network standard for communication and operates on the 2. Zigbee Device Control has an APK download size of 121 kb and the latest version available is 1.


With easy setup, you can instantly grant and withdraw access to your house with your mobile phone and Bluetooth technology. .

i'm working on an App that controls an 802.


Zigbee sends instructions between smart home devices, from a smart speaker to a light bulb, for example, or from a switch to a bulb – without first going via a.

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Wi-Fi sucks — try Thread, Zigbee or Z-Wave instead.